3:16pm February 22, 2013

Wow, tough luck WeLoveFine would allow it, huh? I’m so lucky she doesn’t want to make it a shirt now, I should be so grateful. This is why I draw, right? To let other people make a buck off me without so much as being asked first?

So much for artistic integrity. Funny how I can do convincing fanart without tracing.

Not even bothering blanking out the name this time, after all, nothing was done wrong.

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    wow. Are you seriously flipping shit over a neck line and a muzzle? What the actual fuck? You could probably find...
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    her account has been deactivated…!!! o_____o
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  9. mylittlechangeling said: good riddance, I hope she doesn’t pop up with another gallery with more traces :/
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    Wwwwwwwwwwow is this what I missed? I have no words for the idiocy, really.
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    I think this calls for a sad trombone.
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    Yeah. The response is such a downer — it reminds me of the excuses people hide behind when they vector an original image...
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    I’m pretty sure nothing can anger me more than art theft.. but I guess art theft where the person refuses to admit it,...
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    Laziness? Because Tara’s version is very popular? Fucking hell, she even colored the horn the same but forgot the glow....
  20. oldmansaverio said: Well, this is dissapointing. I had thought the matter had been settled, but apparently it didn’t. I like Sajira’s work, but now that I know about this, I’ll never look at it the same way.
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    that’s so awful!